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Room/Resource Booking System. Web Based, hosted with low-cost monthly rates.

Used in UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Belgium by Large & Small companies, Universities, Schools, Museums, Boat Clubs, Health and Government Organisations.

Why You Should Use the RobotBooker Booking System
It's more than a Simple Calendar You can get a simple web-based calendar for free, but it probably won't do everything that you need. The RobotBooker Booking System offers a more solid and secure way of booking, and will give you the power to manage your resources more efficiently.
No more
The RobotBooker Booking System actively checks to see if your booking will overbook (i.e. clash) with another booking and will prevent you from booking.

The system prevents other users from overbooking your time slots. That's embarrassing!
Stop Abuse Ok, I know they're colleagues but we've seen these 'friends' move or even delete someone else's booking.

Not with our system. Only the Booker can modify their own bookings. (Actually we allow System Administrator to do this too just in case someone is off work)
Privacy Control how Users can book. Do you let everyone book the Board Room? Do you want everyone to see who is using all rooms?

You decide who can View and who can Book each resource.
Control You can set limits for your users and clients.
Do you want to limit a booking to so many hours?
Do you want to allow a group of users to make only 4 hours of booking a month?
Limit maximum repeats?
What if someone books a room. attends and then deletes the booking from the calendar so they don't get billed for it? Not with our system!
Increase Efficiency Resources cost money and Rooms can waste money if they are used inefficiently. A user wants a room and don't know which day - so books every day for the next 3 weeks. Or a user reserves a year in advance 'just in case'.

Empty Rooms cost you money (whether you actually make a charge to the user of not). Don't let it happen! We also provide statistics on use.
Aid Marketing Sometimes a booking needs to have more information than just start time and location. Our system can be changed (by you) to ask for more information, such as attendees, catering requirements, activities expected.

The system can ask questions for different types of organisations. For example, if you book a school party you may need to ask year group, key stage, adult-child ratio. Their requirements are different from a computer club or sports meeting.
Front Desk Support You may make a booking but some final items of information cannot be added until the time of the booking. A receptionist may need to add actual attendee count, actual number of brochures/guides purchased or if the group paid for the booking or needs to be sent a bill. You decide if the system allows this.
Our System is Low Cost Our system is low cost, maybe even free! Your existing system may be free because some large organisation wants to scan your information to improve it's own business performance. We don't do that; your data is never abused by us.

Any charges are in advance and are no obligation. You will never get a nasty surprise! We do not tie customers to contracts, we charge monthly and you are free to leave whenever you like.
No technical knowledge required Our system is web-based, so is available 24x7x365 worldwide. If we host it you only need a browser, there is no technical know-how required. We handle all upgrades, backups and patches. You don't have to worry about a thing!
Friendly Service We're a sociable company and get on very well with all our clients. Send us an email asking for a trial, or order a system. If nothing else just email us and say hello!
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