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RobotBooker Booking System - Configuration

The RobotBooker Booking System is very configurable and caters for the needs both small and large organisations. On the upper right you can see the simplest booking form. It's just a 'where and when' booking. Even in it's simplicity its doing some powerful things.

Firstly, it has checked that this room is available at that time for that duration. The system guarantees that no one else has booked that time slot and will not allow someone else to book overbook it.

Secondly, it is Your booking. Only you can move it or delete it. You don't have to worry about your 'friends' taking your resources.

(The only exception to these rules is the System Administrator who has special powers over all bookings).
A Simple Booking Form
Minimum Room Booking Form
The booking form is highly configurable. On the lower right we can see a form where almost everything selected. Of course, we can have anything between the two! In addition to the basics, we now have:

  • Multiple Resourse selected in a sinle booking.
  • Information on how to repeat the booking.
  • Chart Styles, so we can Colour-Code the bookings.
  • Organisation Name.
  • Organisation Type and sub-type.
  • From the Type, gather marketing/sales data.
  • The Input depends on the Organisation Type, Example is a School:
    • Ask for number of Attendees/Adults/Children attending.
    • Key Stage or Year Group.
    • Activities Required. (Your own list)
    • How you heard about us. (Your own list)
    • Risk Assesmment of the visiting group
    • Subjects covered.
    • Reason for non-purchase of activities
    • Products for Sale, (Your own list)
  • Add General Notes.
  • Payment Status, let accountant know what to invoice.
  • Booking Owners and email for confirmations
  • Tickets purchased
  • Catering Requirement (as general text)
  • Email the caterer if required.
It's up to you what you ask and whether it's an Optional input or Required.

Emails are automatically sent as configured. This booking may send an email to you, the System Administrator, the Resource Category owner, the person you have bookied on behalf of and anyone else you associate with the booking. or you may decide not to email anyone, it's your choice!
A Detailed Booking Form
Complex Room Booking Form