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RobotBooker Booking System - Introduction


RobotBooker's Room Booking System is the Easiest way to Schedule Meeting Room Reservations, Resource booking and Facilities Management.
The system allows the user to quickly make a room or resource booking and ensure that the room will be available and reserved for their own use.

The system can be hosted on our Internet Server with monthly payments and NO contract obligation, or you can puchase for your own IIS server.

Already Used in UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and New Zealand by Government, Health Services, Universities, Schools, Museums, Clinics and Private Companies.


Easy to Use
Web Based, No PC Installation
Book Rooms, Vehicles, Resources
Time Management
No Double/Duplicate booking
Repeat Bookings daily or weekly
Download reports in Excel®
Email Confirmations to Outlook®
Make Catering Requests
Record Attendee Count
Manage System Yourself
Hosted Available 24x7 Worldwide


Configure Booking Form
Configure Marketing Input
Add Sales Items
View System Statistics
Limit per week/month/period
Add Ticket Information
Email Category owners
Show Payment Status
Record organisation Types
Created on Microsoft.NET
Highly Customisable
We Provide Bespoke Solutions

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