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Prevent Users Abusing Rooms/Resources

It's amazing how quickly users find a  way to abuse a system. A system Admin told us that one day he was randomly monitoring his Room Booking system and he noticed that one room had been booked 8am until 1pm every morning for the next two weeks by the same salesperson. The description of the booking was a meeting with the same customer.

The Admin asked the the sales guy "Are you meeting the same customer every day for 2 weeks?".

"Not quite", explained the salesman. "I have a customer coming in for one morning but I'm not sure when it is exactly. A two hour meeting sometime in the next two weeks. So I just booked every day just in case.".

This probably happens more often than you think. The result is that other people can't book the resource although the resource itself is empty. So if you get complaints of difficulty in finding a resource, or complaints about rooms booked but left empty then investigate the cause.

RobotBooker systems can help prevent this type of abuse by only allocating users a set amount of time they can have actively booked.

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