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RobotBooker Booking System: You Host Solution

What is the You Host Solution?

In the You Host solution, it is just that: you purchase the software from us and run the system on you own web server as Intranet or Internet.

The main advantages of this is control and efficiency. You control where the software is installed, control the security to the server and database and do not have to rely on RobotBooker to provide the application as a service. The system will probably run faster when used on an Intranet (an internal system that does not use the Internet).

This system will suit you if you need to be in control of your own system, have high security requirements or have many users.

RobotBooker will provide free updates for 12 months after purchase.

ASP.NET Architecture

The system uses ASP.NET architecture, so to run the system you will require:

This application is a hybrid of ASP.NET and MVC
A Microsoft Windows Server with IIS
The Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework installed (free from Microsoft)
AJAX extensions installed  (free from Microsoft)
SQLServer (free versions are available)
If you intend to email confirmations, a SMTP mail server is required
Note that the ASP.NET software is supplied in compiled form, without source code.

Very Easy to Use
Book Rooms, Vehicles, Resources, etc
Time Management
Prevents double/duplicate booking
Repeat Bookings daily or weekly
Download reports in Excel, CSV or XML
Download and Backup your own data
Emails Confirmations to MS Outlook
Make Catering Requests
We also provide bespoke systems

For your own Server/Intranet
ASP.NET application
Microsoft SQLServer
Uses AJAX technology
Support Available

If you are interested in a PHP version of our system using a MySQL database then please contact us and state your interests

Booking System Demo


Can't see exactly what you want? We offer a Software Customisation Service