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RobotBooker Booking System - Collecting Sales/Marketing Data

The RobotBooker Booking System provides not only Ability to Book Rooms and Resources, but it can also be used to Collect Marketing Information on the booking, obtain more details into the Clients Requirements and even Help with Sales.

It actually does more. You can collect different data according to the type of Organisation that is booking. See the examples on the right. You can define as many of these forms as you like!

The top form shows how we have designed a form for a School Booking.

  • For a School we want to capture information about the number of adults, boys and girls; this information is just for future marketing demographics.
  • We want to be able to plan this visit so we ask what activities are required, and if there are any special requirements, risks or subject that may be important in making this visit special.
  • Finally we try a few pre-sales offering a guide book and simulator ride. This also helps with planning.
  • This information may be updated on the day of visit by the front-desk users.
  • We save all this information in the database so we can analyse what type of clients we should be going after in the future.
This is good but if we get different type of organisation we may not want to ask and acquire the same data. Look at the lower form, a 'Car Club'.

  • For a Car Club we're aiming at over 18 year olds who drive and have a passion for cars. We're not targeting children.
  • The activities for a Car Club visit are different from a school.
  • We can ask the same questions if relevant, like where did the club hear about us. We like to know where to spend our advertising budget in future.
  • The items offered for sale are different.
The great thing is that you design the form yourself, it is simple and only takes a few minutes to do once. You can add list of items and answers to questions yourself. The text is yours!

It's worthwhile for the statistics you get out of it. You can look at pie chart of what type of organisation book with you and work out which is the most profitable.
Organisation Type: School
Organisation Type: School
Organisation Type: Car Club
Organisation Type: Car Club